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Tom Delay Does Horrible Job at Dancing with the Stars, Barely Survives Elimination

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Not to be mean or anything but Tom Delay did a pretty bad job Monday night at Dancing with the Stars.  The opening was ok  but the dance waned as time went along with the fatigued Delay failing to keep up with his dancing partner, Cheryl Burke.  At the end of the tango, Delay stumbled when he tried to hold up his partner, a big no no in the world of dance.  The former House Majority Leader looked really disappointed or hurt due to his stress fracture on his foot (I couldn’t tell) during the judge’s comments portion.  Ultimately, Delay received a score of 18 from the judges, tied with the lowest of the night along with “modelpreneur” Kathy Ireland.

Watch the video if you dare:

But yet, Delay survived elimination Tuesday night and will live to dance once more.  What will Delay dance next week … The Pasa Doble? The Jive? Tune in next week to Dancing with the Stars! (toot toot toot toot tut tut toooooo toot toot toot tut to)


Public Option to Get Vote Today at Finance Committee

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment

The Finance Committee will vote on three public option amendments starting today.  Even though the committee has 13 Democrats and 10 Republicans, the amendments are said to face an uphill climb to be included in the Finance Committee Health Care bill.  Sen. Baucus, Conrad, Carper, Nelson of Florida, and Lincoln look to the be the deciding votes on whether the public option is added onto this version of health care reform.

If the public option is not included in the FC version, it can be added in three other scenarios:

  1. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid adds the public option onto the unified Senate bill to be debated on the Senate floor when the HELP Committee and Finance Committee versions of health care reform are merged.
  2. Or the public option could be added as an amendment on the Senate floor.  An amendment needs 60 votes to overcome an expected Republican filibuster
  3. Or the public option could be added during reconciliation when the House and Senate versions have to be merged.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other House Democrats said the bill must have a public option.  The White House is expected to have the most influence at this stage of the process.

In case Finance Committee Chairman Baucus hasn’t seen what his constituents have to live through due to the health care mess, here it is:

UPDATE: The Rockefeller and Schumer public option amendments failed 8-15 and 10-13 respectively.  Sen. Baucus, Conrad, and Lincoln joined the Republicans to vote down the Schumer public option amendment.  Looks like it’s off to Scenario 1 for the next chance for the public option.

Introducing the Senate Vote Count of Health Care Reform/Public Option!!!

September 28, 2009 2 comments

Up on the Pages Section of the site is the newest addition to the blog called the Senate Vote Count Health Care Reform/Public Option.  That’s where you’ll find the state of health care reform and what Senators have been saying about the topic especially the public option.  All in all, 17 18 Senators – 14 15 Democrats and 3 Republicans – are On the Fence, 46 45 Democrats support the public option, and 37 Republicans are against.  The Senate Vote Count will be updated just like the other pages.  The Senate Agenda Index and Upcoming Agenda have also been combined to just Upcoming Agenda to make room.

Go check it out!

Senate Vote Count – Health Care Reform/Public Option

UPDATE: Sen. Carper (D-DE) is actually On the Fence.  Now it’s 18 On the Fence, 45 Dems in support, and 37 Repubs against.

This Week in the Senate

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

The Senate will pick up the Defense Appropriations bill this week making it the seventh appropriations bill to be debated to date.  A total of twelve appropriations bill needs to be passed before the Senate finishes with it’s appropriations work for this year.

We should also see fireworks over at the Finance Committee this week.  Finance Committee liberals will offer up a public option amendment to the Finance Committee health care bill.  Sen. Schumer says the public option will remain an underdog in the Finance Committee, but the amendments are designed to show their commitment to the public option.  Schumer added that the public option stands a better chance in the wider body of the Senate.  Schumer’s public option ally Sen. Rockefeller is similarly resolute on the public option:

Rockefeller responded to TPM’s question by saying “I think we have a good shot of getting it out of the Finance Committee.”

He continued: “Don’t rule it out. Don’t fall victim to this feeling that it’s not going to happen.”

As for the Finance Committee schedule, Sen. Conrad said the Finance Committee could be done with their version of health care reform this week.  I don’t know if we should expect that judging by the track record of the Finance Committee on health care reform.  Here’s hoping.

Interior Appropriations Passes, Defense Appropriations Next

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment

The Senate passed the Interior Appropriations bill yesterday on a vote of 77-21 with 20 Republicans and 1 Democrat voting against.  Sen. Bayh was the only Democrat to vote against the Interior Appropriations bill.  I wonder why …

Up next is the Defense Appropriations bill.  I made an error about a previous Defense bill a few months back, which was actually the Defense Authorization bill.  The Difference?  Apparently, authorization bills only outlines the parameters and conditions of the money to be spent while appropriations actually writes the check to spend that money.  Authorization is important to change current policy.

Also, well wishes to Sen. Byrd (D-WV) who was released from the hospital this week after an accident at his NoVa home.  He is now recuperating in his home.

Public Option Staying Power! 65% Support Public Option According to NYT/CBS Poll

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Huzzah!  A new NYT/CBS Poll found 65% of the American people support a public option akin to Medicare while only 26% oppose.  TPM says support for the public option actually increased by 5 points and opposition decreased by 8 points this month.

Would you favor or oppose the government offering everyone a government administered health insurance plan — something like the Medicare coverage that people 65 and older get — that would compete with private health insurance plans?”

Favor 65%
Oppose 26%

Actual poll found here.

Kennedy Friend, Paul Kirk, Chosen for Interim MA Senator

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment

JFK Library Chairman Paul Kirk is rumored to be the next Senator from Massachusetts after Gov. Patrick officially signs the interim Senator bill.  Kirk is a former aide to Senator Kennedy and a friend of the Kennedy family.  Helping his case is the Kennedy family with Victoria Kennedy, Ted Kennedy Jr., and Rep. Patrick Kennedy quietly backing Mr. Kirk to fill the seat of Sen. Kennedy.

Former Gov. and Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis was another contender, but Paul Kirk is now looking to be the interim MA Senator until the special election is held on January of next year.  If appointed, he will become the 60th Democratic member of the Senate.

UPDATE: It’s official.  Congratulations to Sen. designate Paul Kirk!

UPDATE 2: Now Senator Kirk!